Cholla & Resin Combo Blanks by Dan Pompe

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Cholla & Resin Combo Blanks by guest maker Dan Pompe
Awesome patterns and color combinations!  

3 different patterns to choose from:
Seasons - cholla infused with purple, green and burnt orange resin.
Celtic - cholla infused with white and green resin.
Leprechaun - cholla infused with bright green and orange resin. 

Measuring approximately 5" x 3/4" x 3/4" 

 Cactus blanks can't be guaranteed that there will be an even balance of resin and cactus. Dan uses pieces as straight as possible but slight tapering can occur. The size of the tubes used in the blank will also affect the final look. Basically, it may be a very even balance or could be more cactus than resin or vice versa.  Either way it will look great!