Limited Edition Wizard Wood Pen Blanks

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Limited Edition Wizard Wood Pen Blanks 

These wood blanks are made from original wood from the Christ Church College (Great Hall) in Oxford, England. The wood was sourced from the flooring of the High Table platform in the Great Hall, which was a location where several scenes from the Harry Potter series of films were filmed. 

The Great Hall was recreated at the film producer's studios for use in the production of the films.

This Certificate does not imply any affiliation or association with Harry Potter, Hogwarts, its producers or author. 

Single blank per purchase, each comes with digital Certificate of Authenticity.

2 sizes:

Long- Measuring approximately 5" x 5/8-3/4x 5/8-3/4
Short- Measuring approximately 3.5" x 5/8-3/4" x 5/8-3/4" 

Please Note this being wood from the floor there can be imperfections or nail holes.   Most do not have but it is possible as with any reclaimed wood.   

**We make sure to select the best product available. Wood grains may vary, image is representative of the variety in the wood grain.**