St. Jude's Ornament Contest Information

ST JUDE fundraiser Ornament Contest Info

What is the St Jude ornament contest?   The contest was started as a way for us wood turners to make a fun item around Christmas to challenge ourselves, maybe win a prize, and most of all help raise money for a great charity St Jude.   
How it works-
You make an ornament any way you want,   print out the entry form and send it to Turners Warehouse.   (you are donating the ornament and will not get it back)   You will pick the category you want to enter (there are 6) and you have the chance to win some great prize put up by amazing people and companies.  
Your ornament is the entry there is no fee.
We then list all the ornaments in a facebook album and we all share it to get people to bid on the ornaments they want to buy.    If they are the high bidder at the ending time they make a donation in their bid amount.  Once that happens we send them the ornament to enjoy. 

The contest has started!!
This is a lot of fun where you can make something that can not only win you amazing prizes but you can help raise money for a great charity.
Please see attached entry form.
We are adding sponsors everyday but here is a list of amazing sponsors who have already committed to prizes.
Rikon Tools, Record Power Tools, Easy Wood Tools, Franklin Crafts Blanks, Unique Wood Supply and Design, Eye Candy Pigments, Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers, and NV Woodworks.
Please share this with your friends. Get creative, have fun and we look forward to your entry!!!
IF you want to donate right now Michael Alborough is our St Jude Ambassador and will be on site many times to share his experiences.

Donations can also be made in person at Turners Warehouse.

Fine Print 

Category & Description

-Jr's Class Must be made by someone 17 or younger (an adult must sign and be on the entry sheet with entrant

-Beginner Class Must be made by someone with 6 months or less turning experience

-Kit Class Ornament must be made using a project kit

-Wood Class Ornament must be all wood (hanger can be other materials)

-Hybrid Class Ornament must be wood and resin

-Hollow Form Class Ornament must have a hollow body or main element.


Each ornament sent in must include a signed entry sheet declaring the category entered.

You can enter one ornament per category per person.

We reserve the right to add or amend any rules as needed.

Most importantly remember this is all to raise money for St Jude!!!

DEADLINE Must be physically received by us at Turners Warehouse by 11/9/20

Entry form Here -->

Mail to:

Turners Warehouse 
1528 W San Pedro, Suite #7
Gilbert, Arizona 85233


Event Sponsors


Record Power

Easy Wood Tools

Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers

Eye Candy

Unique Wood Supply & Design

Franklin Crafts & Blanks

NV Woodwerks

Stormwind's Creations

Jakob Janssen Studios 

Ken Frisbie Blanks